Stake Batch Information

Time window for stake registration for every batch: batch n = 10 - (2 x (n-1))
Stake period for every batch: batch n = 5 + (3 x (n-1))
Stake reward in percentage for every batch: batch n = 40 - (10 x (n-1))
bonus reward in percentage by the tier policy:
Batch Stake Duration Stake Period Reward Percentage Bonus Reward
1 13 Jan - 23 Jan 5 days 40% Defined by market cap
2 24 Jan - 2 Feb 8 days 30% Defined by market cap
3 3 Feb - 14 Feb 11 days 20% Defined by market cap
4 15 Feb - 29 Feb 14 days 10% Defined by market cap

Frequently Asked Questions

This is done by every community member buying the $HUTO token and staking it.

Each token holder that stakes their $HUTO token will get rewarded at the end of the stake period.

Stake period is defined dynamically per batch, and the reward varies based on the number of token holders, total liquidity, and the stake batch timing.

Yes, you can do anything you want with the token, but please note that selling all the tokens may decrease the market cap, so it's important to consider restaking them.

The schedule for the stake is determined by a formula, including time windows for stake registration, stake periods, and stake rewards that vary based on the batch number.

After batch 4 is finished, a new batch will be opened with new calculations based on community decisions, determined through a DAO mechanism.

You can buy from PancakeSwap

Yes, liquidity is locked until 2027. Check here.