Human Tower Project

HumanTower is not just an ordinary humantower. This is a symbol of human living a higher step, experienced in all fields, having good finances, rich for those who think forward. It is clear that the future belongs to those who provide innovations like humantower, through limits & create a new era in finance and technology.

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Mooning with the power of community

the $HUTO token enables community members to collectively aim for ambitious financial heights, symbolizing progress and innovation across various fields. By purchasing and staking $HUTO tokens, participants receive rewards at the end of each dynamic stake period, with the reward size dynamically influenced by factors like the number of token holders, total liquidity, and stake batch timing. Selling staked tokens is allowed, but to maintain market cap value, it's advised to reinvest in new stake batches. The staking schedule and bonus rewards are calculated formulaically, while community-driven decisions shape future batches through a DAO mechanism. Liquidity remains transparently locked for community trust, ensuring a collaborative journey towards the moon.


  • Total Supply: 100 billion
  • DEX Allocation: 80 billion
  • Airdrop & Event: 10 billion
  • Stake Reward Allocation: 10 billion

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Fixed Supply, Mint is Disabled

SC is verified, zero tax

TA: 0x3885328fBEE8aC4c06e711Fa67af475D2ac6e69D

Liquidity is Locked until 2027

We trust with our community, we locked the liquidity until 2027. check on onlymoon

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Our team

We all love what we do with the community


Team Lead & Full Stack Dev


Community Manager


DEX, CEX & Listing Manager


Full Stack & Blockchain Dev


BNB Chain
DEX Screener
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